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Dementia Training - Introduction

Who is dementia training for? I work with a wide range of people, some of whom support people with dementia directly on a daily basis, and others who may only come into contact with dementia from time to time. People who attend my various courses include care staff from residential homes, day centre staff, hospital nurses, occupational therapists, home visitors, social workers, local authority staff, librarians, meals-on-wheels personnel, drivers, other service providers, volunteers and family carers.

Dementia has been known about for a long time - Alzheimer's disease (the most common type) was first described by Dr Alois Alzheimer more than a century ago. Thanks to modern science, we now have considerably more knowledge and information about the processes involved. However, dementia is still much misunderstood - often due to misinformation or lack of training, even amongst health professionals.

Although dementia cannot currently be cured, treatments are available which may help with some of the symptoms. Also, the way we interact and support people with dementia can make a big difference to the person's wellbeing and quality of life.

Training is a vital part of giving support - and being supported. If I can be of help to you or your organisation, do let me know!

I produced this video as part of a training project in partnership with Kent County Council and Dementia UK to raise awareness for library and gateway staff. I thank Keith Oliver for participating in the video and for giving permission to share his experience.